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RASMECH has joined hands with Capaccioli-Italy. Capaccioli is well known as one of the pioneer companies in the world involved in the designs, engineering and manufacturing of different type’smachines and complete plants being used for the production of clay products for building industries since the 50’s.

RASMECH has been appointed as an exclusive agent for India, Nepal and Bangladesh for the supply of custom made complete plants and machinery for the production of hollow and solid standard face bricks, hollow blocks and other clay products as listed below.

Capaccioli has a team of experienced qualified engineers who work with Mr Capaccioli and have successfully designed and supplied highly efficient and cost effective Dryers and Kilns to different parts of the world including UK, Europe, Australia, Middle East and China. Capaccioli has well equipped clay and raw materialtesting laboratory in Italy which is being used to test the Clay and other raw materials samples supplied by theClients. The Clients may also send fuel testing reports. All Capaccioli machines are individually designed and custom made based on the clay test and fuel analysis evaluation.

Capaccioli has recently patented and introduced ultra-rapid dryer, CONDOR, havingextremely low energy consumption and is suitable for every type of fuel.

Capaccioli Srl. Design and manufacture machinery and complete turnkey plants for the manufacture of a comprehensive array of clay products; which include:
• Clay bricks (230mm x 110mm x 76mm or any other size) either solid or perforated.
• Hollow Clay Blocks of all types and shapes. These are also called Thermal Blocks having Thermal and acoustic properties.
• Solid paving bricks of varying sizes.
• Split tiles for flooring (Known sometimes as Terra Cotta Floor Tiles).
• Roofing tiles of all types.
• Terra cotta clay sewerage pipes.

Further, Capaccioli Srl also design and manufacture:
• Clay preparation machinery to process the clay from the quarry to the forming process (this includes machines for the dry preparation and also classical wet preparation of clay bodies).
• Clay forming machinery, that is de-airing extrusion machines for “Soft” extrusion up to machines with very large outputs (around 100 tons per hour)
• Special automated cutting machines to cut individual pieces from extruded clay columns.
• Automated marshalling machinery to prepare individual clay products for subsequent handling, using robots. Automation is an option as per Client’s requirement.
• Special Dryers of many types, each suited to the individual requirements of customers.
• Special Kilns for the firing of all types of products using all types of fuel, liquid, solid and gas fuels, such as: Pet-coke, Liquid fuel oil, natural gas, LPG or pulverized coal, heavy oil, etc…
• Automated Kiln Car Unloading Robotics and Packaging lines to pack finished product ready for delivery to the customers.Automation and Packaging is an option.
• Refractory bricks, lining and furniture for kilns and low thermal mass kiln cars.

Refer to the Capaccioli’s website: for further details.

Please contact the Ashwani Agarwal - RASMECH Director for your requirements and Initial conversation. RASMECH has local representatives in India, Nepal and Bangladesh to support clients throughout the project phase.

Reference Documents:

Difference in Traditional Indian Bricks and Capaccioli Blocks.pdf
Italian Design & Construction Automatic Clay Blocks Making Plant.pdf

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(Note: Your first contact point is Ashwani Agarwal than you will be directed to the local representatives working in India, Bangladesh and Mauritius)
Ashwani Agarwal +61-411 667 870 (available on whatsAppor skype for other countries).
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