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RASMECH in association with world renowned consulting companies will provide engineering services for the water treatment industries at a competitive cost in Australia, New Zealand and Mauritius.

RASMECH offer the following services for the water treatment industry in Australia & NZ:

- Comprehensive & integrated solutions for all phases of a water treatment project

- Complete design and engineering package from conceptual to execution phase
     o Piping
     o Electrical
     o Instrumentation
     o Process
     o Civil & Structural Engineering
     o Static &Rotary Engineering

- Stress Analysis/Simulation
     o Process Consulting
     o Surge Study
     o Finite Element Analysis
     o Thermal Stress Analysis on Ceaser- II Software

- Safety Management
     o Process Consulting

- Project Engineering and Management services

- Maintenance Support Engineering work

- Compliance to AS/NZ and ISO standards


o Ground water
o Surface water
o Sea and brackish water
o Treated wastewater (potable water reuse)

We can supply a tailor-made solution for each specific task. We offers an extensive portfolio of treatment processes for the securing of the quantitative and qualitative supply of water to industrial companies, covering virtually every need from conventional processes to high-performance systems (e.g. membrane processes). We attach special value to reliable, low-maintenance systems that offer high economy.
o Process water
o Boiler feed water
o Service water

Our rivers, lakes and vital drinking water reserves are increasingly at risk due to environmental factors. Sufficient protection can only be guaranteed if wastewater is largely decontaminated. Today, technological progress is increasingly broadening the range of possibilities offered by classic environmental protection. The ecological focus is on water protection and the multiple use of wastewater.
Our designed plants ensure that only clean water is discharged into rivers. In addition, through a combination of innovative treatment processes, we facilitate the reutilisation of wastewater for industrial and municipal purposes and thus the conservation of resources.

o Activated Sludge Process – Biological Wastewater Treatment
o Hybrid Process – The two-stage activated sludge process for nitrogen removal
o Membrane bioreactor (MBR)
o Infiltration for wastewater treatment
o Biological sewage treatment using a moving bed process
o Sequencing Batch Reactor
o BIOZONE Process – Combined chemical-oxidative and biological effluent treatment

Industrial wastewater contains a diversity of impurities and therefore for this reason alone, its treatment constitutes a special task. Furthermore, the emission limits for industrial effluent are constantly being tightened up. Closed circuits and product recovery in various production processes are becoming an increasing priority among manufacturing companies. These measures represent an additional contribution to the protection of aquatic eco-systems and possess great cost-cutting potential. We can refer to long-term experience in the industrial wastewater treatment sector. The resulting expertise is advantageously employed for the technical and economic optimization of every subsequent facility. The treatment process may contain mechanical, biological and chemical physical process steps.
In the case of biological, anaerobic wastewater treatment we employ conventional processes and space-saving, high-performance reactors. Other systems are also utilized in accordance with the characteristics of the wastewater, e.g. the activated sludge process or our high-performance BIO system for less polluted water. In the case of maximum cleaning requirements (e.g. water reuse) we employ membrane processes with submerged or external membranes. The advantages are considerable savings of liquid resources and practically zero discharge of wastewater.

o Aerobic biological processes
o Anaerobic biological processes
o Chemical-physical processes

Modern wastewater treatment plants are highly efficient and their discharges are virtually solids-free. Sewage sludge is created as a resultant by-product and this possesses considerable potential for use as a source of energy and nutrients. However, a prerequisite for the employment of sewage sludge is correct treatment, which above al reduces or removes the high water content (> 95%), the pollutant load, pathogen bacteria and malodorous substances.
With our range of mature processes and plants these tasks can be fulfilled easily and in addition the potential of the sludge exploited. Two classic processes are available for correct sludge treatment:

o Aerobic sludge digestion
o Anaerobic sludge digestion
o Sludge disintegration

Reverse osmosis is a water treatment process, that forces water through an extremely fine semi-permeable membrane, to remove dissolved solids.
Weoffer a wide range of pre-fabricated Reverse Osmosis plants, for both brackish or sea water desalination, in order to produce high quality potable or industrial water. High purity water can be produced as well by means of double pass desalination.
At the design of each system we focus to use the most appropriate raw materials, especially for sea water desalination plants, in order to reduce the down-time of the system. Since energy consumption is very essential for sea water desalination we can offer integrated solutions with built in energy recovery system.
Our Reverse Osmosis Desalination systems, designed from our experts and manufactured in our production line, are using state of the art equipment in order to provide

o High quality water at minimum production cost
o Minimize the frequency of chemical cleaning
o Stable and trouble free operation
o Flexibility for the design, from our standard production programm to tailor-made, turn-key solutions

RASMECH will provide experienced qualified resources on the ground for data collection, initial engineering and verification, site inspection, project management, compliance check and installation supervision.

RASMECH Consulting Engineers provides Engineering & Services from concept-to-completion design in process and water treatment. We understand that each client is different and their requirements are unique and we customize our services to provide the best to our clients.
Team of highly qualified Engineers carry out Basic Package, FEED, and Detailed engineering activities. We, integrate the activities at an early stage to provide schedule and cost benefits to our clients
As a part of our integral engineering design services, engineers develop meticulous documentation for Process, Piping, Mechanical, Civil, Instrumentation, Electrical to move from initial planning stage to procurement and construction.
Moreover, this provides our clients with a single-stop solution for all design and engineering needs. Market Entry Strategy Formulation and Distribution Planning

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